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Our team is dedicated to crafting reliable, high quality liner completion tools that meet your project-specific needs.

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Founded in 1960, Chancellor has crafted and installed thousands of liner hanger assemblies and other down hole tools.

We offer a targeted range of high-performing well completion tools, including liner hangers and liner packers.

Chancellor offers full process traceability and manufactures each part according to API's ISO-9001 quality and safety standards.

We pride ourselves on crafting tools with wellsite-specific precision, so they perform exactly like you need them to, with no surprises.

Our unwavering committment to service and reliability ensures that you can depend on our team and our tools to get the job done.


Founded in 1960, Chancellor began as a family-run company in Bakersfield, California. Since then, we have produced and installed thousands of liner completion assemblies for both local and global projects. We provide a targeted range of high-performing down hole tools including liner hangers, liner packers, liner adapters, float equipment and circulating equipment.

We craft reliable liner completion tools with wellsite-specific precision, delivering superior performance to our clients. Our expert engineers and dedicated machinists, averaging 24 years of experience each, have nurtured Chancellor’s reputation for unwavering commitment to service and reliability.

Acquired by Team Oil Tools in September 2013, the partnership significantly expands our service and distribution area, offering you world-class Chancellor craftsmanship in additional regions and applications. Team’s agile production and distribution network provides our clients a faster time-to-market, even for complex and challenging designs.

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Our liner hanger manufacturing process adheres to a comprehensive quality and safety program modeled after the American Petroleum Institute’s ISO-9001 standards. With full process traceability, we are committed to meeting and exceeding customer needs and regulatory standards through careful attention to detail. The production of our liner completion tools is registered and certified for API Spec Q1 and ISO/TS 29001.

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